The Dealer Grid Arbitration and Disputes Policy

Have you purchased a vehicle on The Dealer Grid that doesn’t live up to your standards?

If so, we have an arbitration policy built around NAAA Guidelines (these are guidelines followed by all major auto auction companies).

Are there any major issues with the car, ranging from mechanical to aesthetic, that you were not made aware of prior to the sale? If so, we have an arbitration policy built around NAAA Guidelines that may help you recoup any value lost. Both our policy and the guidelines on which we base it were created with the intent to protect both buyers and sellers, and create a level playing field for these transactions.

Arbitration requirements

Any arbitration claim related to a purchase on The Dealer Grid must be made through us directly. Buyer has 3 business days after the vehicle is delivered to report any arbitration, or the claim is void. Although we are a neutral party, we charge an arbitration fee regardless of the situation and its outcome.

Beginning Steps

After determining if your vehicle is eligible by reading through our arbitration policy, you can then commence a claim by going to our website. After you have made your initial claim and submitted all relevant paperwork, a Dealer Grid representative will contact both you and the other party involved in a timely manner. From this point, steps will be taken to resolve the issue, either through voiding the transaction or through financial means.

Request Arbitration

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