Arbitration Policy

Have you acquired a vehicle on our network that does not meet your standards? Is the title to the vehicle unable to be obtained, are there unforeseen issues with the car, or are you otherwise unsatisfied with the quality of the car you have received? If you meet one or more of these qualifications, it is possible you may qualify for arbitration. We strive to bring our Dealer community together by offering better solutions when doing business. Honesty and Integrity are an important key to all our success! We hope any arbitration will be handled in this fashion.

It is important to note that our arbitration policy is based on NAAA Guidelines .

All vehicles offered for sale are presented as frontline-ready unless otherwise disclosed.

Arbitration Eligibility:

Any single mechanical defect that has a repair cost of $600 or more is subject to arbitration for vehicles sold under qualifying lights. Additionally, we reserve the right to assess an arbitration fee to the buyer. 

Definition of "frontline-ready" includes:

All driveline components, engine transmission, rear end etc..

Electrical, gauges, windows accessories, etc..

Glass, headlights all safety components

Smogged (if applicable) and safetied

No excessive body or paint work

4mm or better on brakes and 4/32 on tires. 

Carfax and Autocheck reports are not arbitrable. The buyer is responsible to obtain and analyze these reports and use his/her discretion.

Open Recalls are not arbitrable. The buyer is responsible to obtain and check this information.

Book Values and vehicle listings are not guaranteed and are not arbitrable. The buyer is responsible to obtain and analyze their own books and values.

Clean and clear title required.

Vehicles offered as "CERTIFIED" must meet OEM and Purchasing dealers’ requirements.

Anything that affects the retail sell ability of that vehicle must be disclosed. This includes but is not limited to:

Excessive rocks chips, road rash.

Excessive windshield pitting or cracks

Curbed wheels

Scratches and obvious low quality paint work

Tires mismatching or wearing unevenly

Excessive Dents or hail damage

Excessive Rust

Excessive Smoke/Interior odor

5th wheel hitches

Canadian Vehicles

Salvage title

Frame Damage* unless otherwise agreed upon

Manufacturer buybacks (Lemon Law)

Mechanical problems

Any safety-related items

Vehicles that are not allowed to be listed on The Dealer Grid:

Any vehicle which is not licensable to drive in the United States.

Any vehicle which has been modified and modification negates a manufacturer warranty

Any vehicle which is missing required emissions or safety equipment

Any vehicle which is flood damaged

Any vehicle which lacks required safety equipment

Any vehicle which is unsafe to drive for any reason

Any vehicle needing undisclosed repairs to its engine, drive train, brakes or emission system

DMV-restricted vehicles

TMU (True Mileage Unknown)

Gray-market vehicles


Buyers are responsible for the cost of and arranging transportation. 

Sold Units Post Contract

For any car sold and contracted through The Dealer Grid the buyer and seller have a solid binding legal contract. If for any reason the seller rescinds the contract, he will be billed $500.00, same goes for the buyer. If a dealer repeats the infraction 3 times, he/she will lose access to TDG. 

Dry Run Fee 

If the vehicle is subsequently sold and is not available for pickup (retailed or out of stock or unavailable at time of pickup), the seller will be charged $1,000. If a second infraction occurs, the dealer will be removed from The Dealer Grid. 

California vehicles

All California vehicles with existing DMV fees of any kind must be paid if selling the vehicle to another California dealership.

Inspection deadlines

Buyers within 0-300 miles from purchasing dealers’ location is responsible for transportation, and must pick up purchased vehicles within 5 days. Buyer has 3 business days after the vehicle is delivered to report any arbitration. Buyer has a maximum of 8 business days to complete delivery of vehicle and enter any arbitration disclosures to seller.

Out of state buyers are responsible for transportation and must pick up purchased vehicles within 7 business days. Buyer has 3 business days after the vehicle is delivered to report any arbitration. Out of state buyers have 10 days maximum to complete delivery of vehicle and enter any arbitration disclosures to seller.

Sellers are required to hold the vehicle during the 5-business day period to allow time for checks to be issued and received.

Sellers are responsible to hold sold vehicles within the allowed time frames. If a vehicle is paid for in advance, the selling dealer must hold the vehicle indefinitely. Buyer is responsible to inspect vehicles within the above-mentioned time guidelines or lose arbitration rights.

If The Dealer Grid is not notified within the specified arbitration time-period, it will be assumed the vehicle has been accepted and payment must be made to the selling dealer.

Please inspect your vehicles thoroughly before it leaves your dealership! Send safeties and any information on possible arbitration issues that may arise to AVOID arbitration!

On accepted vehicles, Seller will send clear title and smog certificate (if applicable) and buyer will send payment to the selling dealer. Selling dealers may impose at their discretion means of payment policies they may require. Cashier’s check, check for title etc..


For any vehicles that are contracted through to another dealer, and then sold either retail or wholesale to another party after the agreement has been made, the Selling Dealer will be responsible to pay a $500.00 sell fee. The $500.00 Fee will be utilized to cover Buyer transportation, admin cost, etc.


Dispute Between The Dealer Grid and a Buyer or a Seller. Any claim, dispute or controversy arising out of or related to The Dealer Grid’s services shall be resolved by binding arbitration. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding. The Dealer Grid is not responsible or liable for any disputes or allegations made for the condition, value or options on any vehicle. Those issues are between the Seller and Buyer.

Dispute Relating to Condition of Vehicle. Any claim, dispute or controversy relating to the condition, options or quality of a vehicle, including any claim that the vehicle was not “front line ready” and/or that the condition of the vehicle was incorrect, shall be resolved by arbitration before a single arbitrator. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding. 

The Dealer Grid Mediation

Before a vehicle is entered into arbitration, the Selling dealer and the buying Dealer shall make a good faith effort to settle the Dispute. Although a The Dealer Grid rep may assist them in concluding between Buyer and Seller, The Dealer Grid will make no final adjustment without both parties’ consent. If the Buyer and Seller are unable to resolve the dispute, they mutually may elect to have The Dealer Grid resolve it. If the Dispute relates to the condition or quality of a vehicle, its options, accessories, or frontline readiness then a The Dealer Grid representative may inspect the car and may make price adjustments or rescind the transaction. The Parties may request The Dealer Grid to make a binding decision. The Dealer Grid’s decision may involve a price adjustment or rescission of the sale. At The Dealer Grid’s option, The Dealer Grid may have the vehicle inspected by a third party or authorized Mechanic/body shop to determine the presence of damage or a condition and/or the cost of repair. The costs of such an inspection may be assessed against the non-prevailing party.

Dispute Relating to Shipping Damage. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the vehicle promptly upon delivery for any damage that may have happened in the shipping process. If the receiving dealer signs off on the vehicle without inspection, it then releases the shipper and The Dealer Grid of damage claims.

Arbitration Limitations. As a general policy, the sale will be rescinded if the Seller was negligent in disclosing the condition or quality of the vehicle or the vehicle’s accessories or options, or if the vehicle was not front line ready. If a sale is rescinded, the seller will be responsible for all transportation costs and inspection costs.

There is no adjustment for minor repairs. The Buyer bears the risk of there being minor mechanical and/or body repairs which would ordinarily cost less than $500.00 to correct. Buyer is responsible for the first $500.00 in such repairs. Repairs in excess of that amount may be charged back to the Seller and/or are the basis of a price adjustment. Repairs in excess of $950.00 are the basis to rescind the transaction at the Buyer’s option. If Repairs exceed $1,250.00 then the transaction may be rescinded by either Buyer or Seller.

The maximum amounts awarded for any arbitration claims are:

$300.00 Paint work (per panel)

$250.00 Brakes/Rotors (per axle) Exception on high performance and Luxury vehicles. Limit $400.00 (per axle)

$150.00 Tires (each) Exception on factory recommended high performance tires or run flat tires. Limit $250.00 (each)

$150.00 Bumpers (each) Exception

$150.00 Windshield (exception Luxury, high performance vehicles and S.U.V.s limit $600.00)

$0.00 Inspection/Certification fees

$0.00 Maintenance items (oil/fluid change, filters, wiper blades, belts, hoses)

The Dealer Grid will notify Buyer and Seller of the outcome by email and (if an adjustment has been made) a new Sales Orders will be sent.

Arbitration will not last longer than 3 business days unless agreed upon by both parties or conclusion cannot be met. By participating in a The Dealer Grid transaction, either as a Buyer or Seller, all parties agree that The Dealer Grid is only a spokesperson, and its decisions shall be final and binding by the consent of Buyer and Seller of that vehicle.

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