Dealer-to-Dealer Inventory Solution

Buy, sell, and wholesale vehicles via our Dealer-to-Dealer network across the United States

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Cars for sale

We put profit back in car deals

Auto dealers can now tap into the power of our nationwide network. Our platform utilizes a variety of filters which allow dealers to both buy and wholesale inventory in a timely manner, down to exact specifications.

Dealer listings and feeds

Buy, Sell, & Trade

Each dealer is in total control of the vehicles that they make visible to dealers on our network.

With automated inventory feeds daily, The Dealer Grid is always getting fresh new inventory.

Find Your "Wish List" Vehicles

Each dealer can create a customized, specific "Wish List" of vehicles they are looking for.

Once those vehicles are found, The Dealer Grid automatically notifies you.

Disrupting the Status Quo

No longer will you need to settle for less - as a member of The Dealer Grid, you will have access to a superior platform, unrivaled in ability and efficiency. Gone are the days of physical auctions, inefficiency, and bloated business models.

Do you have aging inventory?
We have dealers looking for what you have.